D.N. Comply

Bitcoin Donut

Hey hey, my my. You can call me Donald Nottingham Comply.

Right now this site exists solely for the sake of hosting my Bitcoin Basics essay, which has also been translated into Spanish, Italian, and French. Eventually I might write about other things I care about such as privacy, authoritarianism, and other fun topics. If and when I do, I’ll revise this front page to feature my new stuff.

For now I’ll just say that this site is all about about giving, and asks for nothing in return. I am running it in the most principled way I know how. There are no pop-ups, no ads or affiliate links, not even any cookies. I even refuse to use Google Analytics, opting instead for the privacy-respecting (and cookie-free) Burst Statistics plugin for WordPress. And since taking credit is a form of taking, I’m writing under a pseudonym.